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Emergency treatment in New Mexico

New Mexico eye specialist
New Mexico eye specialist

Here at the practice of Michael Lim, MD, you can depend on the comprehensive care that will allow you to experience sharp, clear vision and optimal levels of eye health. However, there are times when our valued patients need emergency treatment. Our New Mexico eye specialist is here for you when there is an urgent matter that must be addressed promptly.

An emergency when it comes to your eye health can be the result of an accident or injury or even a physical altercation. There are certain obvious symptoms and signs that should spur you to see our New Mexico eye specialist right away. Among them are discharge of any color that comes out of one or both of your eyes, sudden vision loss of any degree, eye pain or redness, a lump on your eyelids, a foreign particle or object stuck in your eye, and any complications from a previously diagnosed eye disease or condition. You are the best judge, though. If you have causes for concern, then you should reach out to us. With a simple phone call, our New Mexico eye specialist or one of our staff can advise you. In some cases, there are ways you can mitigate the damage in advance of coming in. Should you just call 911 or go to the nearest ER? If the circumstances might be life-threatening, you have other injuries other than those affecting your eyes, or you are close to a hospital but not near our office, those would be situations where the answer is yes. When you come to our office, you will be diagnosed and treated with the precision that only a specialist can offer.

By all means, call us without hesitation if you need emergency treatment. In fact, we urge you to keep our number programmed in your phone so that you will not waste a single moment. Every second counts.

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