Carlsbad eye injury

Carlsbad Eye Injury

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Treating eye injuries in Carlsbad

An injury to your eye is something you should not take lightly. You might think that if you don’t have a lot of pain that it’s okay to wait it out or let it heal on its own, but here at the office of Michael Lim, MD, we can assure you that the best chances of a positive outcome are when you have your Carlsbad eye injury examined and treated at our office.

What exactly do we mean by an injury? It could be due to an accident, such as a vehicle collision. Or it might be chemical contamination or blunt force. You might have gotten a foreign particle or object stuck in your eye. Whatever the nature of the injury, how you proceed is key. Do not take it upon yourself to take action unless you have checked with our office first. Believe it or not, you can make things worse. Reach out to us right away and our eye doctor will be able to instruct you properly. One thing is for certain, and that is you will need prompt care. Our office is able to provide that, but if you are not nearby to us, you may be better off going to an ER that is close by, or calling 911. Again, we can guide you regarding what to do. When you come in, your Carlsbad eye injury is assessed and the appropriate treatment or procedure can be started. By getting specialized care, you can make sure that you don’t suffer any long term damage or vision loss if it is at all preventable.

We certainly understand that when one or both of your eyes are injured, it is a scary situation. It’s for that reason that we are so dedicated to being your source for the urgent attention to the problem. Keep our number handy. In fact, it is best to program it into all your phones.

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