Carlsbad eye injury

Carlsbad Eye Injury

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Treating eye injuries in Carlsbad

When you injure your arm or your leg, you don’t typically worry about whether you will be able to continue using it. But there is something about the eye that creates alarm when damage befalls it. There’s a vulnerability there, but we urge you to take a deep breath and simply count on our ophthalmologist, Michael Lim, MD, for the skilled and delicate care required.

Not every Carlsbad eye injury will involve pain, but you should not be misled into thinking that you can ignore it or wait to seek treatment as a result. The very first thing to do is contact our office to let us know that you’re on your way. If you’re not able, have someone else do so on your behalf. In addition to helping us to prepare for you, we will also give you essential tips on what to do and not do regarding your Carlsbad eye injury in the meantime. For example, if some sort of chemical or other liquid has gotten into your eye, the actions you take can either contribute to solving the problem or make it worse. The same is true when it comes to a foreign object stuck in your eye. Other eye injuries can include blunt force from various types of sources, including a physical altercation. As soon as you arrive, our ophthalmologist will examine you and evaluate the severity of the situation. This leads to identifying and implementing the most appropriate way to address it. You can be assured that we have all the diagnostic equipment and treatment protocols to handle virtually any circumstance.

With timely attention, your Carlsbad eye injury doesn’t have to cause any permanent or irreversible damage. Call us right away for any type of eye emergency. And program our number into your phones for the quickest access.

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